David Dipol's Digital Slot Caliper



After years of trying to get accurate, consistent Distance From Tail (DFT) fin measurements, David Dipol has created the ultimate tool.


The digital slot caliper was designed to allow a stable platform for distance From tail measurement.


Improve your skiing performance,

Exchange fin settings with friends, coaches, pros with confidence.



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  1. Holding the caliper in your right hand pull back the slide past the slot. Slip the slot onto the back of the fin making sure that it stops against the fin.


  1. With the left hand thumb hold down the front of the caliper to the bottom of the ski. Move the slide forward until it stops at the back of the fin.Press zero to reset.

  1. Move the slide back past the tail of the ski allowing the caliper lie flat on the bottom of the ski. Then slide forward to reveal tail measurement number.


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